Our College Council

The Catholic school community is made up of families and school staff and it is supported by the parish and the wider community. Together, they constitute the ‘educating community’ of the Catholic school. Each member brings particular and special knowledge, skills and capacities which play an important role in enriching the Catholic school community. Parents have a particularly important role as the first and primary educators of their children.

The College Council provides the opportunity for members of the School, Parish and Diocesan community to support the mission of Catholic education in a particular school. Working with Pastor/Chaplain, Principal and staff, the School Council members assist, support, and provide advice to the Principal on matters of policy relating to the well-being and direction of the School.

The Diocesan School Council Guidelines set out the way in which the College Council is to operate and their responsibilities. These Guidelines are provided to new school councillors at the beginning of their term as a part of their induction and to existing Councillors annually.

The Mater Dei Catholic College Council comprises the following members:

Elected Members:

  • Mr Andrew McIntosh
  • Mr Steve Bloomfield
  • Mrs Lisa Simpson
  • Mrs Angela McGill


Appointed Members:

  • Mr Andrew Nicholson (ATSI Parent)
  • Ms Rhena Geraghty (Boarding Parent)


Ex-Officio Members:

  • Mrs Val Thomas (Principal)
  • Mr Vincent Powell (Bishop's Representative)