House System

House Pastoral Academic Care System

The vertical aspect of Homegroup is seen as a real strength because:

  • links are formed between students from different Year Groups;
  • it breaks down barriers between students across Year Groups;
  • it allows for senior students to be role models and thus provide them with opportunities for leadership;
  • it promotes a real sense of family; and,
  • a six year relationship between teachers and students allows for “continuity of care”.

By maintaining this aspect of the current structure, the College will best serve the aspect of our Mission which states, “To nurture, we are called…. to care for each individual, affirming their dignity and uniqueness.”

The prime responsibility of House Leaders, with the support of Homegroup Teachers, will be to pastorally care for approximately 140 students across Years 7 to 12. The Homegroup Teacher will work closely in partnership with the House Leader, to ensure students will become better known on two levels. This aspect of the House System allow us to best serve the part of the College Mission which states, “To nurture, we are called…. to provide particular attention to those most in need.” Also, our House System will best serve the part of our Mission which states, “We are entrusted….. to strengthen relationships and communication between members of the educating community.”