College Counselling

Student and staff wellbeing is a key consideration at Mater Dei.

A full time psychologist is employed at the College. Services provided include in-school individual and group support, parent programs and staff professional development in relation to wellbeing and mental health.


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A welcoming and safe space for students

The School Psychologist will work to enhance wellbeing through our academic and pastoral care teams. Along with College staff, they will liaise with outside agencies and assist in providing positive outcomes for students, to improve attendance and strengthen a sense of belonging for students to the College community.
In line with the the Australian Psychological Society professional and ethical guidelines, students will be able to self-refer to the School Psychologist. Whilst parental consent is not necessary for an initial session, parental involvement will be encouraged. Referral suggestions can also be made by parents, and teaching staff. Alternatively, you can contact the appropriate House Leader to discuss a referral.