Prayer and Liturgy

An active and vibrant faith life.

In preparing students for the Church of the future, students are encouraged to embrace opportunities to be leaders in prayer and community service activities. Together with the staff, they build up an ethos and a way of acting that is characterised by an ever-present family spirit. This spirit values and respects each student as a unique individual, but also encourages her or him to find their true self in the community of the school and in the wider community of the Church, through openness and sharing.


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Enhancing student learning growth and development

Among ‘the poor’ are the spiritually poor, those without love, those lacking academic skills, and those lacking religious literacy. In assessing effectiveness, at the forefront are the needs of students. We look for ways to enhance student learning, growth and development. Working in partnership with priests and parishes and the local communities, Mater Dei Catholic College demonstrates a preferential option for the poor.
We have an active and vibrant faith life at the College and this ensures students are continually immersed in experiences that provide students with the values, knowledge and skills necessary to undertake lifelong personal, spiritual and intellectual growth.

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