Resource Centre

Our College Resource Centre offers students the following resources:

• A secure location for student laptop use and access to the wireless internet network.
• Access to published magazines and local daily newspapers.
• A growing collection of fiction books, regularly updated to include student recommendations.
• Participation in the ‘Accelerated Reader’ program to encourage reading.
• Technical support staff for all student laptop maintenance and troubleshooting problems.
• Trained resource centre staff to assist with all research enquires.
• Establishing a digital citizenship program for enhancing safety for all students using technology for education purposes and social media.
• Establishing the use of electronic textbooks for easy transport of large texts and enhancing web based usage, which includes regularly updated information and resources directly by the textbook publishers.
• Charles Sturt University library reciprocal borrowing capabilities for seniors.
• A space and equipment for students to engage in independent inquiry using technology

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