Retreats and Reflective Days

The spiritual formation of students is the responsibility of the whole College community.

students is the responsibility of the whole College community,

staff, parents and students.

Reflection Days enable staff and students to interact socially within a recreational context, bond and enhance relationships through a shared empathy of people’s life journey.
Year 7 students undertake their Reflection Day with ‘Just Motivation’, this day focuses on positive interactions, and students are challenged to:
• Believe in their own potential and self-worth
• Share their story and pursue their goals with passion
• Accept others for who they are
• Interact with other students in a positive manner
• Become a reflective practitioner.
Year 8 takes part in ‘Your Choicez’, a gender-focused workshop designed to support students as they navigate relationships within our contemporary world.
Year 10 has the valuable opportunity to engage in sessions from ‘Real talk’, which workshop ideas about engaging in positive relationships from a Christian perspective.
Year 11 day is facilitated by the inspirational Chris Doyle. The theme ‘Planting the Seed’ expands on our student’s sense of self, encouraging them to reflect on their purpose as part of God’s plan and connecting them with the community. This valuable time together plants the seed for their Year 12 Retreat.


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Retreat programs for Year 9 and Year 12

Year 9 Retreat Program
Year 9 participate in a series of gender focused retreat experiences facilitated by staff at seperate venues.
The boys take part in our ‘Culture of Men’ camp in the Snowy Mountains. Sessions involve student outdoor challenges, teamwork and collaboration, reflecting on relationships with families, friends and God. The aim of the camp is to support and develop elements of masculine spirituality; resilience; positive relationships, strengths and self-awareness.
The girls travel to Feathertop Chalet, Harrietville and have a unique opportunity to blend spiritual growth with interpersonal development; taking their identity and leadership potential to a whole new level. During the Retreat the girls will be able to take part in many activities including; outdoor adventure challenges, team building, camp cooking, Christian Mindfulness and relationship building.
Year 12 Retreat Program
The Year 12 Retreat is facilitated by Mr Chris Doyle and College staff, it involves students deepening their relationship with families, friends and God in a beautiful setting. “An amazing opportunity to consider our future. Reflecting on the people we are called to be, considering those who are on the journey with us and appreciating the connectedness of our year group”.

Let's look back on previous retreats and reflective days