Faith Formation

There are a number of faith-filled programs that students can participate in.

Australian Catholic Youth Festival
The Australian Catholic Youth Festival (ACYF) is a national gathering of Catholic young people established by the Australian Catholic Bishops Conference (ACBC). It exists to provide young people with opportunities to deepen their relationship with Jesus, be empowered to be disciples in the world today and encounter and celebrate the vitality of the Church in Australia. ACYF is a biennial event. Mater Dei Catholic College sends students from Years 10 and 11 to the event.
Nagle Education Alliance of Australia Student Conference
The Nagle Education Alliance of Australia (Inc) is an organisation of schools committed to the Presentation charism and the legacy of Nano Nagle. The NEAA believes that the Presentation charism has lasting value. The continued relevance of the Nano Nagle story is an inspiration for Presentation People to make a difference in their world and in the way we live the Gospel. NEAA undertakes a biennial Schools Student Leadership Conference and Mater Dei students from Year 10 attend the biennial conference.
Staff and Parent Faith Formation
As a Catholic learning community staff and parents are encouraged to:
• Follow the example of Christ through our Founders and House Patrons, developing a culture of community and service.

• Continue to tell the stories of our House Patrons, Christian Brothers and Presentation Sisters, and live out our charism.

• Promote and support discipleship, modelling Mary the mother of God as a way of being in community and living our vocation. Centring on the work of Father Anthony Gittins, staff are immersed in four elements that embrace Jesus’ ministry; Table Fellowship, Footwashing, Boundary Crossing and Encounter.

• Develop a restorative practice that continues the charism founded in our House Patrons, Christian Brothers and Presentation Sisters.

• Build on the College community’s response to social justice issues, immersing staff in opportunities.

• Provide experiences that enable a transformation of heart which translates to actions that make a difference within our community and the wider world.

• Develop a faith story and witness the induction process for new staff.
Programs are offered through the College, Catholic Schools Office and Catholic Organisations to support staff and parent faith formation.


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There are many ways in which we fulfil our role of being a voice of social justice in the world.

Our Student Representative Council supports the good works of St. Vincent de Paul in Wagga Wagga. Regular initiatives that take place each year are the Vinnies Easter Raffle, the group also support the Food and Gift appeal in Advent, aiding the local St. Vincent de Paul societies to provide for the people of need in Wagga Wagga. Our Student Representative Council lead an annual Winter Warmth Appeal, demonstrating how to live authentically as Christians, activating justice in the world in selfless love for others, especially the poor.
The Melbourne Street Retreat continues to grow as an important social justice experience with students keen to participate. The Street Retreat, shown in the photo, is aimed at helping the homeless and students very quickly realise how blessed they are to have food and a roof over their heads.
Students help out at the Vinnies soup van, entertain women at McAuley House (formerly Regina Coeli) and visit the Olympic Village Exodus Community, assisting them with a yard clean up.
Students become inspired to continue their involvement in volunteer work back in the Wagga Wagga community.
Each of the Houses at the College has a Catholic Mission focus day. These days raise funds that go to Catholic Mission each year to support the spiritual, pastoral care and building programs, overseas and in remote Australia.
During the season of Lent, the College community support the Caritas Project Compassion appeal with money being collected in Homegroup each morning.
All who struggle to find meaning in their life are challenged to recognise the extraordinary in the ordinary. We are encouraged, that whilst we may walk the incorrect routes, life’s deviations, we must never give up.

See our students engage in social justice

Community links

Here are some links to the various community organisations that we partner with: