Enrolment Policy

Enrolment Preamble

As a Catholic College, Mater Dei strives to support students to become young adults who live their faith and commit to actively pursuing the College Motto, which is to “Live God’s Message.” As such, all students are expected to meet the following requirements as a condition of their enrolment: 

  • Active support for the religious ethos of the College with full engagement in religious studies and committed participation at Liturgies, Eucharistic celebrations, Retreats and Reflection Days
  • Application by all to an academic program of study based on individual needs, working towards the HSC and other educational credentials
  • Active support for the College’s uniform and appearance and academic care policies
  • An ongoing Commitment to the timely payment of school fees
  • A commitment to actively participating in all areas of College life.
  • A commitment to support and work with the College as a partner in each student’s education.


Enrolment Policy

In accordance with the Enrolment Policy for Diocesan Systemic Schools, Wagga Wagga, priority for enrolments will be as follows:

  1. Catholic students from Catholic feeder schools or from parishes without Catholic Primary schools.
  2. Catholic students from other schools.
  3. Non-Catholic students in agreement with the Catholic ethos from Catholic schools.
  4. Students in agreement with the Catholic ethos from non-Catholic schools.

When round 1 Application numbers exceed the number of available places, a Waiting List will be established.